Who we are

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What We Do

We partner with you to meet you where you are with your technology needs using a 3-step process:

  1. System Assessment | Design Thinking
  2. Strategy & Roadmap | Project Plan
  3. Implementation

Each step in the process is conducted with integrity, with transparency and with you in mind so that your technology journey is not overwhelming.


Our Services

Mobile Application Development

We develop mobile applications for multiple devices with one code base.

Web Application Development

We develop web applications that are both attractive, functional and secure.

Cloud Applications

We design and deliver cloud applications in the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

Business Process Automation

We assess your manual processes and design a technology solution to automate your business processes.

Data Analytics & Insights

We design and deliver solutions that consolidate and integrate data across departments for better insights.

I/T Architecture

An often overlooked step, we provide architecture solutions that yield scalable technology implementations.

System Assessments

We are available to assess your current technology systems and processes and to provide a feedback for improvement.

Fractional CTO Services

We provide fractional Chief Technology human resources to help oversee your day-to-day technology needs and save you money.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services are leveraged during mobile and web application development as well as to augment your marketing material.


Executive Team and Strategic Alliances

Our executive team in partnership with our strategic alliance partners have over 80 years combined experience in delivering quality services to clients like you.

Technology Leader | STEAM Advocate | Philanthropist | Connector

Jamita Machen

Founder and CEO

Effective Leader | Growth Strategist

Eric Kearney

COO | Customer Success Officer

Visionary Leader | Diversity Supply Chain Expert

Victoria Stevenson

CEO, Allied SCSS

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